Express Yoself

Express Yoself

My first introduction to Express was a year ago. I found the brand to be fashionable, affordable (great sales!) and size-inclusive. This is my second time partnering up with them & i’m happy to introduce some of the new denim to my wardrobe.

One thing I have to say: waistband gap is my real problem! Having a small waist and wide hips have been a blessing but man, it’s usually hard to find a great pair of jeans. The good news is... Express has a line called “Denim Perfect” which specifically was created for curvier gals like me. Those slimming panels in the back are game changers and pockets that are placed just right make a big difference, in my humble opinion. No need for a belt either!

By the way, this is my go to look lately. There’s something about this simple, crisp look and I can’t get enough of it. It works well with the multiple occasions, one minute I'm chilling and just playing records at home, next thing you know, I have to rush to a casting to then catch hours in traffic at times. I love it though. With all that said… Whatever that I’m doing, I like my jeans streeetchy!

I’m wearing size 14 in Jeans, L in white T-Shirt & this Denim Jacket is also size L . Use my Ring Code - 9012 - for $25 Off $100 in-store and online *Terms and conditions apply* Happy Shopping!





Looking fly with Zenni

Looking fly with Zenni